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Spring care for our Koi PondsSpring is in the air

When Spring arrives in the UK it's time to get your pond and Koi ready for the warmer weather.

Spring is the ideal time for preparing your pond and filters for the summer. Good pond management now is the key for a smooth transition into the warmer season ahead.

Spring clean

When I'm happy that the colder weather is behind me, I begin by giving my filter system the usual but added extra thorough Spring clean. If you are in any doubt about cleaning your own filter system or pond, consult your local Koi dealer.

Next I start clearing as much muck and debris from the bottom of my pond as possible. It's time to flush those bottom drains and hire out a pond vacuum cleaner. All good Koi dealers should have them to hire or even for sale (if you can afford it).

When the water temperature climbs over 6°C I start to feed my Koi with Wheatgerm and then change over to a high protein food when temperatures reach above 15ºC.

As the warmer weather approaches, now is also the time to turn up venturis, re-connect waterfalls, air stones and fountains etc.

We should also take good care in monitoring our water quality and conditions especially for Ammonia and Nitrite.

It's a good time to replace those Ultra Violet bulbs too.