High Class Koi – Koi Carp – Nishikigoi

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Just for fun, here's some pretty sad Koi jokes for you!

1. Why did the fish leave a false name?

Because he wanted to be Koi.

2. Did you hear about the happy Kohaku?

He was HI on life.

3. What do you call a fish with no eyes?


4. Why did the Koi get fat?

Because his scales were broken.

5. How does the brown Koi like his food?


6. Why did the female Shusui always go for the tri colour ed Koi?

Because they could always Show-a, a good time.

7. What did the Terminator koi say to the other Koi?

I'll be Bekko.

8. What do you call a slippery news reporter?


9. What do you get if you cross a Wolf with a Koi?

A Koiotie.

10. Where do fish keep their money?

In the river bank.

11. What do you call a koi who performs magic?


12. What do female koi call a handsome tosai male koi?

A koi-toy!

13. What did the male koi say to the female koi?

I'll showa mine if you showa yours!

14. What travels down a river at 100 mph?

A Motor-Pike And Side-Carp!

15. A koi walks in to a library and says have you got any books on suicide?

The owner said we used to but they never seem to come back

16. What would Captain Cook say to a Koi?

A-kio there !!

17. Two fish in a tank one says to the other one

“how do you drive this thing”